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After more than 10 years working as a veterinary surgeon in RSPSA (United Kingdom), we opened our first veterinary clinic in St.Petersburg in 2015 to provide honest and professional veterinary services based on UK and EU standarts wich is based to avoid pushing pet owner for expensive and unnecessary investigations and tests.We are vets first, that’s why commercial part of business for us not in a first place.
After 8 years, our customers amount is hugely increased and we decided explore other world regions. 
Now, we opened our veterinary clinic in beautiful Georgia, Batumi.
We will be happy to help to each animal all over the world.
(We also have veterinary clinic parner in Latvia,Riga.So, if you with your pet in Riga, you can always recieve necessary advice or veterinary help).

Professionally yours, EuroVetServis team.
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